Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chitra’s Wedding,

Wedding Season. Come November, the weddings in India start in right earnest. The numbers increase in the month of December and finally taper off in January. One good thing about weddings during this period is the ‘Good Weather’. Breezy and bright afternoons followed by pleasant evenings make a perfect setting for weddings.

On 09 Nov 12, Chitra, daughter of my course mate and a very dear friend Rags and Meera got married to Bobby. It was an excellent wedding and more importantly all the important elements of a good wedding stood out – loudly proclaiming ‘Look guys, this is how one should get married’. Their wedding was solemnized by a pastor in a very dignified manner to be followed by rendition of ‘Vedic Hymns’ by the father of the bride.

Figure 1 - I Do

It finally ended with the ‘Oonjal Ceremony’- One of the most beautiful rituals in the Tamil Wedding. It has multiple small rituals embedded into it. The couple is seated on a swing (Oonjal in Tamil). The swing is decorated with flowers and ornaments and is made to swing back and forth. Married women stand around the Oonjal and sing songs; the most popular of them is Laali Laali song. The ceremony epitomizes the ideal state of mind for the married couple, forever fixed with harmony throughout the ups and downs of life.

Figure 2 - Oonjal Ceremony

Figure 3 - Chitra looking absolutely gorgeous

The wedding was one big fun – the parents, the guest - young and old, and more importantly the newlyweds enjoyed the wedding to the hilt. The wedding followed by an evening reception on 10 Nov was full of mirth and merriment, filled with bonhomie. A large number of course mates and friends from the Army Navy and Air Force attended the marriage. A wonderful tradition which has developed over time, where in the course mates from far and near attends the children’s wedding without fail.

Figure 4 - The Tri Service Element

The wedding was followed by a bit of ‘Elbow Bending’ with the near and dear ones. The mild afternoon sun, with whiff of constant breeze and the beautiful atmosphere of ‘Para Regimental Centre’ lawns - all joined hands to create an excellent ambiance for a bit of ‘Gin and Tonic’. Sufficiently fortified with the elixir we all departed to have delicious lunch. A very fine afternoon indeed.

Figure 5 - Proud and happy parents with Chits

Figure 6 - Great place

The next day evening was the reception. There was lot of dancing and good music. My niece Karin with her melodious voice and friend Jai Chako on the Clarinet set the mood and the evening was on. Every one enjoyed the party. The best part - all of us knew each other. It was a select crowd.

Figure 7 - Kari and Jai

Chitra’s dog ‘Bella’ was there all through the wedding. What a lovely sight.

Figure 8 - Pleeeeeese take me with you!!- Bella 

The entire essence of the wedding has been captured in this, one single photograph. It says it all -wedding is undoubtedly a very sacred ceremony – at the same time, it is time to enjoy and seize the moment – it comes only once – let it remain so. Once again all the very best to Chits and Bobby.

Figure 9 - Bobby floating in the air. 

Good show dear Rags and Meera, Bravo Zulu
All photographs - Courtesy George Seemon and studio Velveeta Photography



  1. Dear Capt,

    Wonderfully written and with enough humilty. i am also an indian marrie dto a foreigner living in south africa, the first thing i realised about living in another country is change and adopt to their set of rules. not everything, but resonabelly enough to adjust and be happy. but i do ocassionally miss home and when in the private of my home i still cherish enjoying the most humble DAL CHAVAL with my hands.

    but rightly said we indians need to change


  2. Dear Annon,
    You have the right attitude.I also enjoy eating my Sambar and rice with my hands.Nothing wrong doing it at home.

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