Saturday, June 4, 2011

We visited China – Young Faces

Face to Face

I have always been fascinated by faces – they tell us a lot about the person. A face can convey every type of emotion known to us - anger, indifference, happiness, doubt, fear, contentment and the list is endless. Without uttering a single word, a face can express almost anything. Look at the Mona Lisa – a simple face which has captivated humans for over 500 years. Each face is different and today there are 7 billion unique faces to watch. The face is the most important part of a human being when it comes to conveying emotions, messages, expressions and subtle hints. Faces also represent beauty, sternness, ugliness and innocence. The face that launched a thousand ships – Helen of Troy came to be known as the most beautiful woman in all of Greece. Her spellbinding beauty played a key role in one of the most famous mythological battles of all time – the Trojan War.

Even at work the best form of communication is meeting face to face. No amount of letter writing, e mails, telephone calls, video conferencing can replace the effectiveness of FTF meetings.

When my grandson was three and my granddaughter just two and a half, he used to wait for an opportune moment and suddenly go and pinch her. This would result in a loud cry from her. This went on for some days, till she developed a defence mechanism. During all these encounters, she noticed that he would bite his lower lip just before the pinch! This observation came in very handy and she would let go a loud shriek, whenever she saw his grimace – pinch or no pinch.

While travelling in China, I found the faces of children captivating. Children have the most innocent of faces, devoid of all prejudice and pretention – their faces reflect truth and openness – expressing without inhibitions, the mood of the moment.

Figure 1 – Don’t stare…it’s rude!

Figure 2 – Look there, dear.

Figure 3 - V for victory

Figure 4 - I am not hiding!

Figure 5 - Please release me, let me go…..

Figure 6 – Anyone watching?

Figure 7 – Okay take a shot and get it over with…

Figure 8 – Do I have to pose all over again?

Figure 9 – Family Portrait

Figure 10 - You want my photo?

Figure 11 – Not interested at all

Figure 12 – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ………………………….

Figure 13 – Don’t you mess with me!

Figure 14 – A Mono Lisa in China?

Figure 15 – Picture of contentment

Figure 16 – What's so funny

Figure 17 - Look at my toy

Figure 18 - We are with him

Figure 19 – Nee How! (How are you?)

Figure 20 - Darth Vader’s the man!!!!

Figure 21 – What is it with you foreigners?

Figure 22 – Try and make me smile

Figure 23 -Where is everybody?

Figure 24 - Thanks for the photo op

Figure 25 - Why meeeeeeee?

Figure 26 – Love me, love my dog

Figure 27 – Don’t take my photo, take hers

Figure 28 - Do not disturb me - I am drawing

Figure 29 – Defending China

Figure 30 - - Que sera sera ……….. Will I be pretty?

Figure 31 – Do I look like a nerd?

Figure 32 – One minute and counting…

Figure 33 - Confucius say - 'Gleen look good in photo'

Figure 34 - What’s that behind your back?

Figure 35 – Like my cut?

Figure 36 – Totally oblivious

Figure 37 - Can I take off pleeease?

Figure 38 – Masti master under control

Figure 39 – Eco friendly transport

Figure 40 – Leave me alone

Figure 41 – Napoleon Bonaparte in the making

Figure 42 – Cute is as cute does

Figure 43 – Tensing? No way. Pun intended

Figure 44 – Why the gloomy face?

Figure 45 – Take as many as you want

Figure 46 –Got a good view from here

Figure 47 – Now tell me – whom do I look like?

Figure 48 – Out of hibernation and starving

Figure 49 – On the prowl

Figure 50 – Coffee tea or me?

Figure 51 – One step at a time

Figure 52 – Who eats with a spoon?

Figure 53 - We don’t for sure

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