Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meter Jam -Reward the Good

I am sure October Meter Jam was successful and the message “Be honest and polite to all your passengers” has reached all the auto operators. Both the Meter Jams were a warning to the erring operators, if you cross the line we will boycott the autos which will hurt you financially. I think it’s time to move on and change our tactics to garner better response from all the operators. Like any other profession, the defaulters are a minority who are bringing a bad name to their occupation. On the other hand there is a silent majority which consists of good and law abiding drivers. We need to recognise their effort and reward them for the good work. This will enthuse them to operate correctly and over a period of time attract the law breakers to turn a new leaf. How do we address this issue?

To start with the Meter Jam can formulate a set of guidelines which recognises the ‘Good Operator’ (GO). We could then have the “GO” of the week or something like that. Give the GO a Meter Jam T - Shirt, a sticker which he can proudly display, claiming membership to “Meter Jam’ club, give wide publicity to this event, encourage the public to patronise such autos and so on. On these occasions we must try and bring in other stake holders such as the Police, RTO, Auto Drivers Association (They are a bunch of good people – they were very helpful in recovering a misplaced laptop on one occasion and set of important documents in another instance)

We could adopt a carrot and stick policy – in tandem.

May be the jammers will give a serious thought to this proposal.


  1. Good thought.. the odd & spoilt fish in the basket has to be cornered rather than saying that all fish are bad.

  2. How do we take this proposal to the next level.

  3. I love the new layout!!!
    aye aye captain!!!

  4. Dear Chits - Thanks.It was designed by Alicia Souza - partner in Chumbak - read Ganesha Pooja

  5. True, this kind of in-fighting between consumers and autowallahs may not really help. All of them are not bad. Jamming is not going to really punish the 20% (or 80%) of the autowallahs that misbehave

    A better way would be to involve the government and enforce some rule that will suspend or cancel auto permits after a certain number of valid complaints. Such a system will truly hit the wrong guys and weed them out. Our efforts should target such a change. And the best thing is that the system is ongoing without a 'big' need for manual coordination and intervention (like organising jams)

    Again the complaints could be of different grades, from high to low severity. Higher ones (like manhandling) should result in immediate cancellation of permit(after validation).

  6. Agree with you.The fight against the auto drivers should be multi pronged attack.