Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day out at Olde Bangalore

The Coffee Decoction Friends have been wanting to go on a picnic from a very long time. Snitch wanted to know if people still did ‘Picnic’. May be these day people just ‘Chill Out’. To some, the word picnic makes you old and ancient. For this reason people hesitate to join in on a picnic. Like it or not, it has been around for a very long time. Encarta says - An informal meal prepared for eating in the open air or the food that makes up such a meal. The origin on the word picnic is French – Piquenique. At these Piqueniques, the attendees would all bring food to the occasion, similar to what we call potlucks today. On romantic and family picnics a picnic basket and a blanket are usually brought along. Outdoor games or some other form of entertainment are common at large picnics

I have attended many picnics before, wherein each family brought chairs, ground sheets, picnic baskets filled with exotic food and the usual ISB (Ice Soda and Booze), small eats and soft drinks. Staff College was full of picnics – there was ready made company, time on hand and lots of scenic spots. Similarly Delhi was another place which offered us many opportunities – Zoo, Rail Museum, Buddha Jayanti Park and many more. Vizag was even better with the sea – Rishikonda and Dolphin beaches were excellent picnic spots. After reaching the destination we looked around for a suitable place – preferably with a shade and a view and parked ourselves. Simple as that – so I thought.

With a traditional picnic in mind I proposed Tippagundhalli lake which Is 34 km from Bangalore. The lake is the main source of water to West Bangalore. When all of us met at our palace for the monthly get together I explained the finer points of the picnic. All hell broke loose. Somebody said what about food and I said you will make it the previous night or early next morning and take it – not all were ready to cook. One of the ladies said what about the toilet and I said what about it. So it went on and on and I said to myself “Boss this is going nowhere - better to change the subject and move on”.Thats exactly what I did - announced ‘dinner is served’. I later realized that all of us have grown in age and got used to certain way of life with lots of comfort and conveniences around us. What everyone was looking forward to was not a traditional picnic but something very organised with lots of creature comforts. No behind the tree or adult diapers but a good and clean loo. No BYOB but a well stocked bar with a smiling and helpful steward. No home food but a spread of culinary delights. Next day I went back to the net and found a place meeting most of the requirements. In the mean time KM rang up to say that the new Navy Mess Secretary Cdr Janardhan and his family own ‘Olde Bangalore’ a resort on the way to BAI and he was willing to host us. A fresh e mail was sent giving the details.
Figure 1 Kempegowda Mural

Come, 19th Sep 2010 all of us in our Sunday best were at the resort at 1100. As you enter the main lounge you see a huge mural artistically depicting areas around old Bengaluru with names of prominent townships. None other than Kempegowda the founder chieftain of Bengaluru standing majestically welcomes you to the resort.
The resort stands majestically on 60 acres of fertile land offering a very tranquil and soothing view of outskirts of Bangalore without any hindrance of ugly concrete structures, congestion and ocean of humanity. Indeed a true getaway.
Figure 2 Distant View

Figure 3 Janardhan house under construction far left

Figure 4 Near View

We met up with Janardhan our gracious host. After a brief introduction of the resort we were treated to a very interesting and informative ‘Walk the Talk’.

Figure 5 Our host in light blue shirt

Located in the midst of scores of trees are the tented accommodations. Tastefully decorated with all modern amenities while maintaining the ambiance of tents. One inside you certainly feel like an Arab sheik in an oasis.
Figure 6 Tented Accommodation

Figure 7 Close up of a Tent
Figure 8A The man behind the show and in front of the tent - KM

The clock said 1210 hours and we were getting restless and twitchy. Janardhan’s well trained eyes noticed the subtle changes taking place in the demeanor of his guests and as a good naval officer he suggested that we proceed to the bar to quench our thirst. Certainly a manna. By then snitch had joined us directly from the airport.
Figure 8 Wish the navy listened to Snitch so seriously

Figure 9 Pondi serving the ladies

Figure 10 Chief Steward announces lunch
Then we proceeded to the dining hall to be treated to an excellent sitting in lunch with Red and White wine. It was Janardhans ‘Gastronomic tour-de-force’. He had laid out the table in best naval traditions.
Figure 11 The lunch table
Janardhan a logistics commander from the navy brings with him years of experience in matters related to food. I am sure Olde Bangalore will benefit from his knowledge and understanding of gourmet catering.

Figure 12 Chief Steward at the table - Personal touch

The staff are extremely polite and warm. The personal touch of the staff makes the visit all the more satisfying. The fish with wine was without reproach, the meat was tender and tasty and so were the other dishes. It was a day well spent with good friends, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We finally bid goodbye to our host dear Janardhan for a very memorable day out at Olde Bangalore. We wish him the very best in all his endeavors.
Figure 13 The satisfied gluttons


  1. This memory will stay with us for a long time !!

    Pondy & Ragini

  2. "Dante said"- Thats a good one.If you listen to him carefully may be he has a lot to say.

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