Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lose Weight Quickly

I recently retired. Today my life is slow paced and I have enough time to stop and reflect on many matters which affect me. There are a number of issues which I require to discuss and understand in greater detail. One such subject is about losing weight. I am sure this affects many of my friends who are similarly placed.

It’s not the kind of weight you and I normally understand – it’s heavier than the normal weight and believe me, more difficult to lose.

In our formative years, most of our time was spent in making friends. Over a period of time we made our own little circle of friends and our lives revolved around it. Along the way we also developed acquaintances, associates, contacts in our work place, sports field, and travel and so on. We also had our share of relatives. We constantly interacted with each other. These social interactions formed the very foundation of our existence. Barring a few, most of these interactions were healthy and fruitful.

Somebody cheated you, did not help you when you needed help, played dirty, let you down and the list is endless. You resented the act at that point in time.

Some how these bitter interactions have a knack of digging deep into our conscience and remain hidden only to popup at regular intervals. These events unfold extremely clearly, as if it happened to us just yesterday. Somehow we relish and enjoy recalling these totally irrelevant and useless incidents. We go to great lengths in explaining what happened some twenty years back – what a b3$6%*d he was so on and so forth. The list is really endless.

We have been unwittingly carrying this bitter baggage on our backs ever since then. Each incident has a weight attached to it. More the number, heavier the baggage we carry. When we were young it did not matter, we were strong and we could carry any amount of weight. Its not the same today, we have grown in years and not as strong as before.

Time has come to shed the baggage and feel light, relived and happy. Try and erase it from your mind. Go to the nearest lake and throw the baggage into it.

However tempting it may be to recall these bitter incidents avoid doing it. Suddenly you will realize that your mind is free and the body is light. You are no longer a “prisoner of your past” Your mind and body are free to enjoy the present and eagerly wait for the future to unfold.

In the end you will certainly come out a better person and lovingly cherish each relationship and the passing moment

So my dear friends lose weight quickly.

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