Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome Aboard

I have been wanting to blog from a very long time, but somehow I was not able to put my finger to the key board.I have taken the plunge and hope it goes well.You see, I have finally retired - retired and have lots of time and hopefully lots of things to say. While I was in the Indian Navy and thereafter in an MNC there was no shortage of "Captive Audience". Meaning juniors who would willingly or otherwise listen to your gyan. Sadly those days are over. I believe blogging will give me the space to occupy myself and comment on various issues,events,experiences and anything worthwhile that comes across my mind.


  1. So excited to hear what you have to say Pubby Uncle :)

  2. Dear Sudheer and Shreya - Thanks visiting my blog

  3. Hi Pubby. Got your message and thought I'd start at the beginning.